Octopus Automatic Pool Cleaner

Product no.: BA-65083

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209.00 / unit(s)

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The Octopus automatic pool cleaner keeps your pool cleaner so you can fully enjoy it in the company of your family and friends.



Easy to use and very simple to install as it connects to the intake or the skimmer, with great power that allows it to move automatically, randomly vacuuming dirt.

The Octopus automatic cleaner will give you the maximum enjoyment with a minimum of maintenance, you will have an ally in cleaning your pool, since it has only one mobile stand and the membrane is very easy to replace, it comes with 12 hose sections 1 m.

Enjoy the pleasure and benefits of the Octopus automatic cleaner, mainly that of being in your pool free of dirt, thus taking care of the health of your family and friends.



  • Easy to use.
  • Easy installation, connects to the suction socket or skimmer.
  • Silent.
  • Clean both walls and floor.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • It uses a filtration system as an energy source applicable to any pool liner.


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