Hydraulic pool Cleaner MX8 Zodiac

Product no.: BA-119737
415.00 / unit(s)

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

The MX8 Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaner takes care of your health by keeping your pool clean with its powerful suction turbine and easy use.



With the new Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaner you will be able to clean pools up to 12x6m, it has cyclonic suction plus a large suction width and larger waste collection.

It is easy to use, with a quick-connect hose it connects directly to the pool's suction inlet, it does not need an electrical connection or the installation of an additional pump, it also has a handle to facilitate removal and transport.

The cleaner will make your pool totally clean, taking care of your health and that of your family and your powerful suction turbine equipped with two propellers for any type of waste that has maximum performance.



  • X-Drive technology, optimal navigation intelligence for the bottom and the pool wall.
  • Flexible turbine power
  • X-trax that allows excellent maneuverability
  • Cyclonic aspiration
  • Quick connect hose.
  • Flow control.
  • Quick connection allows safe and fast fixing to the cleaning head.
  • Handle to facilitate removal and transport.
  • Perfect for inground pools up to 12x6m, rectangular, oval, round and free-form.
  • Bottom and wall cleaning by connection to the pool's filtration network, directly in the skimmer or in the bottom cleaner.
  • Aspiration and storage of residues in the skimmer basket, in the pump pre-filter or in the filter.
  • Flat bottoms, smooth slope, compound slope.
  • Gresite lining, polyester hull liner, reinforced PVC, painted concrete.

Data Sheet


Hose length 12 sections of 1m
Cleaner dimensions  (L x An x Al) 41 x 19 x 22 cm
packaging dimensions (L x An x Al) 102 x 23 x 37 cm
Liampiafondo weight (head) 3,2 Kg (weight with packaging; 9,5 Kg)
Filtration capacity pool filtration circuit
Cleaning cover 36 cm
Minimum required power of the filtration pump 3/4 CV
Travel speed 8m/min
Warranty 2 years



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