Heat pump for swimming pools Termion 15 up to 45m3

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Enjoy a pleasant temperature in your pool throughout the year with the Termion 15 heat pump up to 45 m3


Enjoy a pleasant temperature in your pool throughout the year. With the Termion 15 to 45 m3 heat pump you can enjoy hot water throughout the season with excellent energy efficiency.

If you want to buy a heat pump, the Termion range offers you the best guarantees:

  • Easy to use. It is compact, intuitive and easy to use. The temperature can be regulated electronically. You can heat or cool depending on the settings. It is also compatible with a smartphone application, with which you can control it.
  • Perfect for the coldest places, it works even with an outside temperature of 0º.
  • Ideal for outdoors. It can be installed in all types of outdoor pools, making it very versatile. You don't necessarily have to have an indoor pool to be able to use this pump.
  • Very quiet. It has a low noise level, so it hardly makes any noise.
  • Great durability. Made of ABS, this console type heat pump is highly resistant to external conditions and withstands UV rays well.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and condensation, thanks to its evaporator with blue fins treatment.
  • It has an automatic defrost system with cycle inversion, which will allow its operation to be perfect even at low temperatures.

Install your Termion outdoor heat pump in your pool and enjoy the best heating at any time of the year.


  • Heating power: 14.2 Kw (Air 27º, water 27º, 80% HTR)
  • Consumed power: 2.54 Kw (Air 27º, water 27º, 80% HTR)
  • COP: 5.6 (Air 27º, water 27º, 80% HTR)
  • Heating power: 11.5 Kw (Air 15º, water 26º, 70% HTR)
  • Consumed power: 2.39 Kw (Air 15º, water 26º, 70% HTR)
  • COP: 4.80 (Air 15º, Water 26º, 70% HTR)
  • Minimum water flow: 5m3 / h
  • Noise level at 10m: 34dB (a)
  • Gas: R32


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