Bora TOP Classic Automatic Pool Cleaner

Product no.: BA-96878

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The Bora TOP Classic automatic pool cleaner is perfect for cleaning the bottom of swimming pools of up to 60m2 on site or prefabricated



BORA TOP CLASIC automatic pool cleaner is compact and easy to use. For bottom and half-round cleaning. Convenient superior access to cleaning cartridges. Provided with a GYRO system with a 1.5 hour program.

Features of the bora TOP pool cleaner

  • Clean bottom and half rods ideal for pools up to 60 m2
  • Superior access to filter cartridges more comfortable and easier to clean
  • New GYRO navigation system
  • More effective cleaning thanks to its PVA brushes
  • Options of different types of porosity in the filters (fine, thick and standard)

Types of pools:

Background Only Cleaning
For all types of inground and surface pools.
Flat bottom, smooth slope or pit of pit with compound slope.
Suitable for lining: any (painted, stoneware, reinforced PVC and polyester helmet).
Indicated to clean residential pools of up to 60 m2 of water sheet, that is, up to 12 x 5.
New Gyro Smart Navigation system guarantees maximum cleaning efficiency. Superior performance thanks to the precision of the layout and the turns ... so that in the shortest time your pool is ready to enjoy!

When choosing a pool cleaner we must take into account that it meets the needs of our pool, therefore, we offer you a wide variety of pool cleaners.

advantages of the Bora Top Classic pool cleaner

This pool cleaner, thanks to its electronic system, together with the two PVC brushes, leaves the pool floor completely clean. It has innovative new top access filters that can be cleaned much more easily, comfortably and without coming into contact with dirt. It incorporates 17 m. self-floating cable and works in cycles of 2.5 hours.

In addition, the entire Typhoon Top range has 3 types of filter mesh to adapt it to your needs (options)

Fine filter for small cleaning runs.
Coarse filter for start of season.
Standard filter for maintenance.


Technical characteristics:

  • Pool size. 60 m2 sheet of water.
  • Cleaning cycles. 2.5 hours.
  • Background. Yes.
  • Walls. Do not.
  • Possibility of external timer. Yes.
  • Float cable. 17 m.
  • Transport car. Do not.
  • Filtered water volume. 16 m3 / h.
  • Filter. Top access.
  • Steering motor. 24V DC.
  • Pumping motor. 24V DC.
  • Brushes. PVA
  • Electric specifications. 100-259 V / 50-60 Hz / 150 W.
  • Dimensions (cm) 46 x 50 x 51.
  • Weight. 17.5 kg
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