Tecnadry Black Mirror 108 dehumidifier for pools up to 20 m2

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The Tecnadry Black Mirror 108 dehumidifiers for 20 m2 swimming pools are the perfect companion to the heat pump.


With the Tecnadry Black Mirror 108 dehumidifiers you will protect furniture and objects in the room from corrosion and mold and what is best in the case of 20 m2 pools will be the perfect companion to the heat pump, take care of your furniture and everything you want to protect from the humidity, also remember that while it is working you will not notice it since it is extremely quiet, it has a very modern design that we are sure you will love.

The Tecnadry Black Mirror 108 dehumidifiers for 20 m2  work like a heat pump, sucking up moist, sticky air and turning it into hot, dry air, easily removing moisture that causes condensation and corrosion, and preventing mold and deterioration of furniture and other objects in the room. When used in indoor pools it is the perfect companion to the heat pump, and it is also capable of working independently in residential applications, and in libraries, archives, museums, etc., where dry air is required.



  • Super quiet operation.- Thanks to their new design and their DC Inverter motors, they are extremely quiet (only 44-46 dB (A), even less than the sound of rain.
  • Achieve a comfortable temperature, dehumidification is improved with a comfortable hot air outlet, to achieve this, there are two options, thanks to an electrical resistance of 2 or 3 kW, depending on the model, which is installed as standard, or a battery hot water that can be connected to any hot water system, boiler, etc., also installed as standard.
  • Battery with Gold Epoxy treatment, we treat our dehumidifiers with heat pump, with the Gold Epoxy system, for its high anti-corrosive properties, to ensure a long life without corrosion, in the most unfavorable environments.
  • With environmentally friendly R32 gas, we care about the environment, which is why our dehumidifiers use R-32, which is a gas with less impact on the environment.
  • For pools up to 20 m2.


Ficha Técnica

Design Conditions (Air 30º C/ Humidity 80%)
Deshumidification capacity per hour L/h 2.2 3.5 4.5
Deshumidification capacity per day L/day 53 84 108
Maximum pool area m2 10 15 20
Air Flow m3 400 800 1200
Electric resistance power KW 2 3 3
Type of electrical resistance / PTC
Sound level  db(A) 44 44 46
Voltage / Frequency / 220-240V~ / 50 Hz
Nominal power  KW 0.9 1.1 1.95
Operatin intensity A 4.0 5.0 8.8
Maximum power (without resistance) KW 1 1.3 2.3
Maximum intensity A 4.3 5.85 10
Relative humidity %RH 40-90 40-90 40-90
Operating temperature ºC 10-32
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1295 /202 /647 1495 / 202 /647 1695 / 202/ 647
Refrigerant Tyoe / R32
Diameter of condensation pipe mm 16 16 16
Warranty 2 years


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Piscina 20 m2

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