Outdoor American Jacuzzi Torina Sterling

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Stimulate your senses and relax to the fullest with our Torina Sterling Silver / gray American outdoor whirlpool a Jacuzzi designed for you.



It will stimulate your senses, relieve your muscular tension and above all it will help you reduce the stress you are exposed to every day, imagine like this, you leave work and you only want to get home where the concept of total relaxation, renewed energy and health awaits you. your life in one place the whirlpool American outdoor whirlpool Torina Sterling Silver / Gray mmmm a pleasure you deserve.


We use Balboa controllers as standard in our SPA, the extremely durable high-end systems produced by the Californian company offer flexible programming of all operational features, such as filter timing control, and are specially designed for long-term operation . With the control element and its simple navigation through the menu, you can control all the functions with the press of a button, whether it is colored lights or pumps, everything can be configured in an easy to use way. SPA functions, such as water flow and temperature, are controlled by software through two identical sensors, thus, the heating element is optimally controlled and energy saved at the same time. Dirt filters are automatically recognized. The built-in heater detects when the water gets too cold, automatically turns on and off when the desired bath temperature is reached. Disinfection with ozone also helps you when cleaning the pool.


The winter proof insulation of the outdoor hot tub saves money, the 4-stage insulation system ensures maximum use of residual heat, the insulation with an aluminum layer on the floor on the exterior walls ensures that heat is not released into the air Exterior. In addition, the American Whirlpool Whirlpool Bathtub Torina Sterling Silver / Gray uses highly insulating CFC foam that is applied under the bathtub,, when the pump is running, the residual heat is also used to heat the water, this will save you money because it only heats the pool, not the surroundings. Due to the closed design, the outer skin and the frame are permanently connected to each other, ensuring high stability. A sound absorbing fiber is used in order to isolate the sound. pumps reduce noise to a minimum.


In general, the system is very easy to maintain, for example, a pump can be replaced without having to drain the water. The unique thermal insulation also reduces the pool's energy consumption to a minimum.


Crystal clear water by UV disinfection is specially developed, cleans the water with ultraviolet light and kills viruses and bacteria. Every day thousands of liters of freshly filtered water are produced, free of small particles and bacteria. Small and large particles are permanently filtered with a fine particle filter. The circulation pump was specially developed for long-term operation with low energy consumption. A special feature is the programmable runtime, which can be individually tailored to personal requirements. Weld seams have been completely dispensed with stainless steel heating, thanks to their special surface, the corrosion-free titanium heating element offers reduced lime deposits and maximized water flow, this guarantees permanent use for many years.

Disinfection with Ozone O3, to use the water in the circulation of your American eddy, bacteria, pathogens and fungi must be eliminated. UV disinfection is not

enough if chlorine is not added, for this reason we use ozone, a special form of oxygen, which usually two oxygen atoms combine to form one oxygen molecule, however the ozone molecule special consists of a loose combination of three oxygen atoms, when this molecule decays, the individual atoms look for new reaction partners. This strongest technical oxidizing effect available is the most effective disinfectant, it is also the most ecological means, since it consists of only three oxygen atoms and does not introduce any chemical substance into the process. If ozone comes in contact with materials wetted with water, an atom transfers it to the corresponding material, with bacteria, body fat and other contaminants being oxidized or burned. A positive effect is that it does not produce harmful substances, all germs and bacteria are eliminated by ozone.


The sanitary acrylic is of high quality, they are reinforced with high quality fiberglass (3.5 mm).





  • 3 seats and 2 seating areas contribute to optimal relaxation.
  • 33 jets of water for therapeutic purposes.
  • Reflexology massage of back, buttocks, neck and feet.
  • Incl. 3 separate dimmer switches for water nozzles.
  • The water jets can be turned on and off separately.
  • 20 additional jets of air for total relaxation.
  • 2 pumps (1 hydraulic pump with 3000 watts and a circulation pump with 350 watts).
  • State-of-the-art control electronics using the Balboa computer system.
  • The bottom of the Balboa control element is illuminated.
  • Color light therapy for total relaxation (12 LEDs for indoor and underwater lighting)
  • Subtle illumination of the apron (colored light) for a beautiful lighting effect.
  • High quality acrylic from Lucit (USA) with antibacterial surface (3.50mm) + fiberglass plate (8.00 thick) at the bottom for optimal protection.
  • Special filter system with a water flow of 15 m2.
  • Heating with temperature selection (3,000 watts).
  • Winter proof insulation / extreme insulation.
  • Triple water purification with two cartridge filters, UV and ozone.
  • Crystal clear water by UV disinfection.
  • 03 (disinfection with ozone) 100mg / h.
  • Thermal jacket with insulation and reflective film (6.4 to 8.8 cm).
  • Includes folding aid for the thermal cover.
  • 3 removable pillows / neck pillows.
  • Including two cartridge filters for mechanical cleaning.
  • Additional adjustable waterfall.
  • Water level sensor to protect the pumps.
  • Drain valve.



​Data Sheet

Water Capacity 1650 litters
Weight 331 Kg
Electrical connection 220 o 380 volts
Dimensions 2150 x 2150 x 940 mm  (lengnh x width x height)
Warranty 2 years
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