Floating platform for aquatic activities

can be shipped within 1 days

From 399.00 / unit(s)

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

On the floating platforms for aquatic activities you can enjoy from private spaces over the sea to temporary bridges.


The floating platform for water activities, can be used as a temporary bridge, it will allow people to work in the water around a boat, also that a restaurant that is located on the beach can provide a private space for 4 to 10 people in the water, which will depend on the size of the chosen platform.

It is ideal to install it as a temporary bridge at the back of a boat, it will also allow the departure of up to 10 people who are just entering kite surfing, depending on the size of the platform.

The possibilities of use are very wide, both in inland waters and in the sea, imagine a use and you can surely do it, it is very versatile, it will accommodate your needs. It is delivered with or without EVA.

In addition, the platform can be joined to several platforms of the same range and if you are one of those who like to sunbathe while on the water you can add a lounge cushion or an inflatable tent and voila, you just have to enjoy the breeze and the sun.



  • Anti-slip
  • Insurance.


  • To sunbathe.
  • Provisional bridge.
  • Put behind a boat.
  • As a support to work in the water.
  • To establish private areas on the sea.
  • Starting point for kite surf beginners.
  • Sitting place for children with supervision.
  • As a means of transport on water.
  • As a platform for a picnic or to put up a tent.
  • Platform for group exercises. (it will depend on the size of the platform)


Data Sheet

Models Small Medium Large
Dimensions 200 x 150  cm 400 x 200 cm 600 x 200 cm
Thickness 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Weight 11 Kg 30 Kg 45 Kg
Space  persons persons 10 persons


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