Indego 350 Bosh automatic robotic lawnmower

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929.00 / unit(s)

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Having a beautiful and healthy lawn is no longer a dream with the Bosch Indego 350 Automatic Lawnmower Robot you will have it without effort


The Bosh Indego 350 automatic robotic lawnmower will leave you a green and healthy lawn without you having to strain, you can invest your time in sharing with your family and Indego will do its job.

It is easy to install, saves time and energy, calculates the most efficient route and with the AUTO calendar function creates a cutting program adapted to the size of your lawn, that is, a perfect cut so that you can enjoy a clean lawn without effort.

It is the solution you were looking for to have your lawn beautiful and effortless. After an easy and unique installation, your Bosh Indego 350 Automatic Lawnmower is ready to mow your lawn. LogiCut Smart Navigation calculates the most efficient cut path saving time and energy. The AUTO calendar function creates a cutting program adapted to the size of your lawn, that is, it will be according to what your lawn needs, it will save you time since it operates by itself, maneuver around obstacles independently and then go back to the charging station to recharge.


The optimal cutting times

Your Bosh Indego 350 automatic robotic lawnmower wow won't really need any effort from you, because it's the only robotic lawnmower on the market that autonomously maps your lawn and creates a perfect mowing program for your lawn size. Manual programming of the calendar is no longer necessary!

Specific bias of small areas

 The Spotmow allows the Bosh Indego 350 automatic robotic lawnmower to target small areas of up to 3m2, making it ideal for mowing sections of grass that normally hide under garden furniture you have.



Cut more

MultÁrea allows your Bosh Indego 350 robotic lawnmower to cut autonomously, with LogiCut, up to three different gardens with a combined area of ​​up to 350m2.

Features cut near the edge

Indego begins the next full mowing session with an edge cut, ensuring a clean finish to the edge of the defined grass area.


No collection of grass clippings

Its mulch system offers you an even distribution of grass clippings for healthy, fertilized grass.

It also has obstacle detection

Its sensors allow it to detect and avoid obstacles on its way, moving around it to continue its cutting path.

It is compact, light and always ready

Lithium-ion batteries are compact and lightweight, reduce the weight of the tool, are free from memory defects, and remain charged regardless of storage time.



  • Bosh Indego 350 automatic robotic lawnmower
  • It features an automatic mower for effortless beautiful grass.
  • Compact, light and always ready.
  • LogiCut maps the grass and cuts in efficient parallel lines.
  • MultiArea allows you to cut up to three additional grass areas.
  • Allows you to cut close to the edge for clean grass edges.


Data Sheet

Battery Type  Lithium ion
Speed 35 cm/seg
Battery voltage 18 V
Battery charging time 45 min
Battery life 45 min
Recommended lawnarea up to 350 m2
Interchangeable battery NO
Replaceable battery No
Cutting system 3 pivoting blades
Cutting height setting 3
Max. slope 27%
Weigh  7,6 kg
Cutting width 19cm
Cutting height 30-50 cm
Warranty 2 years


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