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Dolphin E10 basic automatic pool cleaner ideal for swimming pools that are no more than 8 meters long.



With the Dolphin e10 pool cleaner robot you can forget about spending the pool cleaner and spending the day picking up leaves, use your pool just to enjoy and not to work.

The Dolphin E10 will clean the pool for you in an easy, automatic and cheap way

More accurate navigation
The CleverClean scanning system uses advanced navigation software. This ensures that every meter of your pool - floor and walls - will be cleaned using the most effective work path. It is so smart, that the system automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its normal work path.

Easy to handle
It uses a system of quick emptying of clean water which makes it easier to use, in addition to having a light and hergonomic design.

Features and benefits

  • Extremely light and compact, it is ideal for all types of small pools up to 8 m in length, including detachable pools (12 meter cable).
  • Deep cleaning and half cane, in a cleaning cycle of 1.5 hours.
  • Ergonomic design. With only 6.3 kg of weight, it is easy to handle and when removed from the water it empties very quickly.
  • Large capacity interior filter basket with convenient top access.
  • Tracked traction for perfect adhesion on all types of surfaces.
  • Active front brush that rotates at twice the speed of the robot, for optimal cleaning of dirt embedded in all types of coatings.
  • CleverClean ™ coverage. Advanced exploration software and navigation system that guarantee a perfect coverage of the pool bottom, using the most efficient route.
  • Reliability and Dolphin guarantee. Manufactured by Maytronics, the world's leading manufacturer of pool cleaner robots.
  • The Dolphin E10 is equivalent in performance to the following Dolphin pool cleaners (only the colors of the outer shell of the device change):

Dolphin PoolStyle
Dolphin S50
Dolphin Maestro 10
Dolphin SeaMaster AG


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