Swimming pool sand filter pump 400 W 11000 l/h

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A psychina cleans in an afternoon of intense heat is vital and that this cleans will be possible with the 400W 11000 l / h sand filter pump.


When there is a day of intense heat we just want to cool off when we get home from work or after an intense day away from home, we are imagining how pleasant it feels to run towards the pool and be able to dive and feel that sublime moment of freshness, little by little. The moment is approaching when that idea that accompanies you becomes a reality, you come home with the only desire to run towards it, but you run and I'm about to make that long-awaited moment come true and the pool is dirty, don't let No one stops you who can enjoy that intense pleasure use the 400W 11000l / h sand filter pump designed to keep your pool clean, use it and nothing will stop you.

This sand filter pump is designed to keep the pool clean and free of particles. The sand filter can filter 1100 L per hour and features a durable, corrosion resistant filter tank that is resistant to the acidic influence of chlorinated pool water. It has a multiport valve for easy control and an easy to read manometer. Flange clamp design allows 360 degree rotation for easy installation. For secure mounting, this set includes a serviceable base.

Thanks to the refurbished plastic casing, this swimming pool filter pump is waterproof and durable. It is compatible with most above ground level pools with a 2.5 cm port.



  • Keeps pools clean and particle free.
  • It can filter 1100 l / h.
  • Corrosion resistant filter tank.
  • Multiport valve.
  • Easy to read manometer.
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Reinforced plastic housing.
  • Can be connected to 32mm and 38mm diameter hoses.

Data Sheet

Dimensions 298 x 458 x 621 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Power Supply 220-240 V ~, 50 Hz
Power 400 W
Connection port diameter 2,5 cm
Filter diameter 30 cm
Maximum height 8,5 m
Maximum pumping capacity 11000 l/h
Maximum working pressure 3.5 bar
Adequate water temperature 0-45 ºC
Flow rate 31 GPM / 7m3/h
Requires 19 kg of filter sand  Not included
IP ranting IPX5
Warranty 2 years


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