Heated pools

Heated pools

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Heating system of swimming pools by annular polypropylene tubes, of intelligent construction, heating the water during the trajectory


ENERSOLUZ system also has a useful accessory, the SRC181ES solar controller, equipped with two temperature sensors and connects and disconnects the solar installation automatically.

Specifically, turning the circulating pump and motor switching valve several routes to the solar position, and off the installation when the sun does not provide sufficient radiant heat or when the water has the desired temperature.

The lifetime of the solar absorber is more than 20 years and the customer has a high safety due to the extended warranty SOLAR-RIPP. This product, manufactured in Germany, is custom, so it can be delivered in the desired size.

The solar surface can be installed directly on the ground, on flat roofs and roofs for protection, or even sloping roofs over a fence or wall where the sun gives. Finally, the system connects through a return pipe to the pump and the pool, which leads to hot water.

The system consists of:


  • Fin tubes System joints. 
  • Auxiliary pump or electric 
  • 3-way valve. 
  • digital control


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Piscina 16 m2

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