Dolphin submarine

Product no.: J

can be shipped within 90 days


Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

Enjoy browsing above or below the surface of the sea, lake or swamp at 65 K / h while doing all sorts of maneuvers.


Enjoy sailing on or under the surface of the sea, lake or swamp to 65 K / h while doing all kinds of maneuvers. 
The Dolphin submarine is designed for recreational boating, incorporates a reaction unit for safety and better performance.



Dolphin combines the thrill of sailing on a submersible vessel to the feasibility and reliability of a conventional water jet. 
The dolphin can be delivered with a lot of options available. The price is for the model of a single traveler. 
  • Length: 4.89 m
  • Beam: 0.90 m 
  • Total Beam: 1.90 m 
  • Weight: 566 Kg 
  • Surface speed max: 65 Km / h 
  • Max submerged speed: 32 km / h 
  • Maximum depth: 1.8 m  
  • Fuel tank capacity: 52 L 
  • Super tough monocoque structure. 
  • The helmet always maintains buoyancy. 
  • Interior waterproof. 
  • 3 automatic bilge pumps. 
  • Morro folding in a frontal collision. 
  • Fire extinguisher on board.



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