Pedal boat with electric motor for rivers and lakes

Product no.: oxoonNeo

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Enjoy this pedalboard with electric motor and 6 hours of autonomy for rivers and lakes, have fun without risk and anywhere.



With our water skate you have the guaranteed fun, hours and hours of fun thanks to its electric motor and its 4 12V batteries, so it is also totally safe, it can accommodate between 1 and 3 people, so you can have fun alone or with your family or friends.

It is very easy to use and very safe because thanks to its shape it never tip over and only reaches a speed of 7 Km / h

Its unique shape with its visor and bright colors make it a nautical boat that arouses curiosity and interest from the first glance.

Its spacious bench easily accommodates three adults side by side for an unprecedented recreational sailing experience.

No protruding part, no accessible propeller. With a speed limit of 7 KM / H, Oxoon is a safe boat.

Adapted engines developed in France by P&B Developments Services. Designed to facilitate daily maintenance and maintenance.


Length 2.50m, width 2.15m, Height (with umbrella) 1.45m

Weight from 200 to 300 kg depending on the version (thermal or electric)

3KW (4hp) motorization with thermal or electrical option and always without a license (power less than 6hp)

Very stable, protected propulsion, limited speed. Intuitive joystick control: precision and responsiveness.

Composite materials, fiberglass reinforced polyester resin (RTM technology). Qualitative aspect and guaranteed reparability.



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