Ph & Redox Meter MC125 Milwaukee

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The Ph MC125 meter is designed for you who want to measure and adjust pH and ORP levels automatically with a simple meter.


It's easy to use - just set your pH and ORP parameters and let the pH controller do the rest - perfect for people looking to constantly dial and maintain water levels, commonly used in nutrient tanks, aquariums, pools and spas, it offers a pressure of ± 0.2pH with manual two-point calibration and an ORP accuracy of ± 5mV.

With the MC125 pH meter you can see measurements of your monitoring in real time with a large LED with easy change between parameters.

The MC125 pH meter not only allows you to measure water levels but also allows you to know the quality of the water, that is, it informs us about the oxidation / reduction potential of the water.


Installation of the MC125 PH and Redox Controller:

  • Connect the 12VDC adapter of the MC125 PH and Redox Controller meter to a multi-socket.
  • Connect the 12VDC transformer to power and to the MC125 monitor.
  • Connect the docking jacks to the mains (2 x White and black socket).
  • Connect the ORP Redox probe MA921 to the monitor at its ORP connector.
  • Connect the PH MA911 probe to the monitor at its PH connector.
  • Remove the protective caps from the electrodes.
  • Immerse the pH and Redox electrodes in the water to be measured (2.5 cm), let them float with the help of a wide polyexpan for example.
  • Turn on the meter by pressing the ON / OFF button.
  • Choose PH or Redox menu by moving the central black button (Up: ORP Redox; Down: PH).
  • In both functions, choose the direction of the parameter (Eg: for PH going up, button in “above” position); The same in Redox menu.
  • Set the set point for each parameter, with the help of the graduated wheel of each parameter.
  • Allow the reading to stabilize and the meter will start continuous monitoring.
  • A visual alarm indicates when the measurement exceeds the set point.
  • When the alarm is activated, the docking station is also activated, and from there the auxiliary equipment turns on.

PH calibration:

  • Go to PH menu (central black button down).
  • Immerse the electrode in a pH7.01 calibration liquid envelope and wait for the data to stabilize. Using the screwdriver, adjust the data to pH7.0.
  • Immerse the electrode in a pH4.01 or pH10.01 calibration liquid envelope and wait for the data to stabilize. Using the screwdriver, adjust the data to pH4.0 or pH10.01.
  • The meter is calibrated and ready to measure in PH.
  • It is advisable to calibrate the meter at least once a month, or after a long unused season or after an electrode change.
  • Good measurements with the MC125 PH and Redox Controller.
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