fast installation wooden floor

fast installation wooden floor

can be shipped within 1 days

189.00 / square metre(s)

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

This solution is certainly the most innovating and revolutionary system in the external wood-made flooring , because it allows to disassemble and assemble planks in the middle of the flooring without cutting them

It consists of a nylon support (90x80x37 mm) that has got a cavity in its lower part and two rails 10 mm. high at the upper side distant each one from the other 65 mm. Into the planks, grooves ?T? shaped are transversely created every 500 mm and in each groove nylon clips 40 mm. length are inserted.

Like the other system a wooden gird is fitted into the lower cavity and even here this gird is lifted from the ground allowing the water downflow. Planks are provided with assembled clips; putting them on the rails and making pressure with foot on planks, they embed to the support.

Clips assembled in planks guarantee a transversal locking of 40 mm. each side, it means that one plank (120 mm. width) is locked transversely for 80 mm.
The double rail has been created to allow a perfect hocking of plank extremities. The plank seal is guaranteed by the double hocking of clips in the tracks far each one from the other only 65 mm


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