Removable swimming pool imitation wood 4,6 x 1,2 m

Product no.: 3EXB0441
999.00 / unit(s)

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

Removable pool of 4.6 x 1.2 m Azuro wood imitation wood with the possibility of semi-guard

The prefabricated round shaped swimming pool has a diameter of 4.6 meters and a height of 1.2 meters. The water volume is 20 m3 and is an excellent option for a quick installation in a plot, garden or country house.

The set of landmarks can be placed both on the surface of the fence and with total or partial burial in the fence.

The prefabricated Azuro pool imitation wood requires a flat and solid surface. Deepen in the water, the walls of the pool flow with an arena mix and cement and spill into layers with water. In this case, the pool must be free. No lifting equipment, complex construction work is required in special tools. The pool can be installed and connected in 1 to 2 days


What is included in this elevated pool

  • Steel structure with 6-layer anticorrosive coating and external decorative lamination like "Rattan".
  • Bottom plastic guides for the pool wall (start profile).
  • Lagoon blue PVC film, resistant to UV radiation and chemicals.
  • PVC sheet clamps.
  • White plastic lid.
  • Sand filter with pump
  • Holes have already been made in the pool wall for the installation of the skimmer and supply nozzle.

Advantages of shell pools

  • Simplicity and speed of installation in 1 to 2 days.
  • Possibility of self-installation (2-3 people are enough).
  • Stronger and more reliable design.
  • Long service life compared to inflatable and tubular pools.
  • Six-layer anti-corrosion coating.
  • Decorative exterior cladding for "stone" (Stone)
  • It is not necessary to clean the pool during winter.
  • Possibility of easy replacement of the inner film.
  • If necessary, the pool can be disassembled to rearrange or transport it.
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