Boats, canoes and nautical

Boats, canoes and nautical



Aquatic vehicles

Aquatic vehicles

Submarines, jet skis, water bikes and everything for fun on the beach, lake, swamp or elsewhere.
Kayaks ans canoes

Kayaks ans canoes

In this section you will find Kayaks and canoes


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Aquatiq bird water bird

Product no.: Water Bird

Now you can fly above the water on the Water bird with your feet on the platform and your hands on the handles.

490.00 *

can be shipped within 2 days

Dolphin submarine

Product no.: J

Enjoy browsing above or below the surface of the sea, lake or swamp at 65 K / h while doing all sorts of maneuvers.

99,000.00 *

can be shipped within 90 days

Pedal boat with electric motor for rivers and lakes

Product no.: oxoonNeo

Enjoy this pedalboard with electric motor and 6 hours of autonomy for rivers and lakes, have fun without risk and anywhere.

8,690.00 *

can be shipped within 5 days

Nemo 2-seater panoramic mini submarine

Product no.: Nemo

Command your own adventure with the revolutionary Nemo panoramic mini submarine ideal for charter in tourist areas or pilot it yourself.

1,310,000.00 / unit(s) *

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain