Termion inverter heat pump 7 up to 20m3

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Heat your pool to more than 30º and enjoy it throughout the year with the Termion inverter heat pump 13 to 20 m3


Adapt your pool to the weather conditions with the Termion Inverter 7 heat pump for pools up to 20m3. Use the quietest technology to heat your pool in the fastest, simplest and most intuitive way.

Discover some of the Inverter technology for heat pumps. You have 3 configuration modes:

  • Boost: allows the heat pump to work at maximum performance to heat up the pool water faster.
  • Eco-Silent: I work with a high performance coefficient, but with maximum silence. Your heat pump will run at minimum speed to heat the pool without noise being heard.
  • Smart: with the smart mode, your Termion Inverter pump adapts to the environment automatically. When it is necessary to warm up, it warms up. It maintains the balance between noise levels and the need for temperature regulation.

Your heat pump from the Termion Inverter range is easy to use and has a backlit LCD screen for operation. Made of ABS with protection against UV rays, you will find models in different dimensions and different power levels.

Buy your pool heat pump with low noise now and enjoy a suitable temperature with the greatest energy savings and in the fastest way.



With (Air 28º, water 28º, 80% HTR)

  • BOOST mode heating capacity: 6.6 Kw
  • BOOST mode COP: 6.54
  • Heating capacity SMART mode: 6.6 Kw
  • SMART mode COP: 10.8
  • Heating capacity ECO SILENT mode: 5.8Kw
  • ECO SILENT mode COP: 10.8

With (Air 15º, water 26º, 70% HTR)

  • BOOST mode heating capacity: 4.6 Kw
  • BOOST mode COP: 4.8
  • Heating capacity SMART mode: 4.6 Kw
  • SMART mode COP: 6.7
  • ECO SILENT mode heating capacity: 2.9Kw
  • ECO SILENT mode COP: 6.7
  • ECO SILENT noise level (at 10 m) 21 db


  • Compressor type: 2D Full DC Inverter
  • Expansion valve: Electronic
  • Exchanger: Titanium Twisted
  • Refrigerant gas: R32
  • Heat pump body: ABS with UV protection treatment
  • Minimum water flow: 4m3 / h
  • Connections: 50 mm
  • Dimensions: 967 x 358 x 593 mm
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Electric power consumed: 1 Kw
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz
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