Concrete labor swimming pool 6X3

Product no.: PIC6x3H

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15,476.72 / unit(s)

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Labor pool with concrete blocks of 6X3 square meters. We build your pool in your home everywhere


General characteristics:


  • Typology: Rectangular
  • Water purification: Filtration assembly formed by a cleaning system based on the Silex filter technology.
  • Internal dimensions: From 6.00 x 3.00 to 1.60 m. Max deep
  • Interior / exterior Roman or square staircase: YES
  • Lighting: YES


  1. Construction of the external formwork of walls with 20 cm concrete blocks. and REA 12 mm rods. Reinforced concrete fill. Finished with a layer of waterproof elastic mortar HidroFix.
  2. Staking out the pool
  3. Preparation of the hearth using gravel 20 mm, with a thickness of 10 cm
  4. Supply, distribution and leveling gravel according to depth of pool
  5. Placing 150x150x6 mm mesh reinforcement on the pool floor
  6. Supply and placement of reinforced concrete on the pool floor
  7. Construction with 20 cms concrete blocks Reinforced concrete fill with 12 mm rods. vertical every 25 cm and horizontal every 25 cm (For each row of blocks goes a horizontal rod and for each row of vertical blocks goes another rod)
  8. Height and upper perimeter band formed by 6 rods with a diameter of 12 mm. in wall and 3 in wall for coronation stone.
  9. Finishing with a layer of waterproof elastic mortar HIDROFIX NORMA EN-14.491 waterproof membrane with hydraulic cements, modified with polymers, in the following way:
  10. Wet the structure of the pool, once mixed the bag of Hidrofix with water we apply a layer with a fine trowel, this layer will not have more than 2 mm. of thickness, it will allow to dry approximately 4 hours. The ceramic pieces will be glued with a glue cement that complies with the grip regulations.
  11. Construction of perimeter band on the top for the laying of coronation stone.
  12. Placement of perimeter earthing to the glass with iron rod.
  13. Iron of 10 cm. of concrete for the treatment plant.


  • Concrete Ha / 25 / b / 12 / lla
  • Iron B500S
  • Steel S275
  • Cement glue special pools
  • Borada special swimming pools


  • Pool volume capacity: 47.90 m3
  • Filter equipment model: 760
  • Total filtering surface: 0.45 m2
  • Filtering system: Silex
  • Total flow of pumping equipment: 13.70 m3 / h
  • Renovation time and total volume: 3.50 h
  • Pumps installed: 1 HP
  • Filtration speed: 31.00 m3 / h / m2
  • 1 filter built in laminated polyester with a diameter of 760 mm, with top loading and central collector, 6-way valve, with a total load of 225 kg of silex of different granulometries, 1 set of pressure gauges and supports.
  • 1 1 CV pump for 14 m3 / h at 10 m.c.a. and 3000 r.p.m. With built-in pre-filter for easy access to the subtraction of coarse material by this retentate.
  • Purification equipment calculated so that the filtration speed of 31 m3 / h / m2, studied to comply with the regulations of the Community where the pool will be located.

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