Double Airwind Maxi 11 inflatable kayak board

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With the inflatable Airwin Maxi 11 Double Kayak Board measuring 330 x 92 x 15 cm you can enjoy your favorite sport.



The Airwin Maxi 11 inflatable double kayak board, measuring 330 x 92 x 15 cm, is a new product for 2020, this kayak is unique in the market, it is specially designed for family fun, it is an ultra robust board, with a double skin construction with triple skin reinforcements in sensitive areas.

It is compact and hyperstable, ideal for 1 adult up to 130 kg or 2 light adults standing up. It is specially designed for people who are starting to practice this sport since it is a board that offers tranquility to the athlete because it has a large width at the back and its 390-liter volume offers this board a lot of stability, in addition to being non-slip. .

Any luggage that you take with you is moved to the rear of the board, to take advantage of the front platform without risk of injury or slipping. It can be used as a tender in boats because the volume and thickness of 15 cm allow the transport of 2 adults in regattas.


It is very versatile to use since it can also be used in:

  • Paddle.
  • KAYAK with 1 or 2 people.


  • Construction: This board is designed by hand with a process that involves sewing hundreds of cables between the deck and the hull to withstand a pressure of 1 bar (15 psi) without deforming.
  • The basic structure, once sewn, is joined by gluing the widths of the PVC fabric and reinforcements to guarantee waterproofing and impact resistance according to the principle of rafting boats.
  • It has 3 removable fins us box.
  • This configuration allows you to have fun on a calm water or white water ride with 2 standing users.


  • Pump, backpack, paddle


Ficha Técnia

Dimensions 330 x 92 x 15 cm
Fins 3 removable us box fins
Weight 12 Kg
Volume 390 liters
folded dimensions 95 x 35 x 30 cm
Inflation Time 8 minutes
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