Energy guard black pool cover 500 micras

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Energy Guard black solar blanket 500 micras designed especially for the protection and heating of the pool.


The Energy Guard black thermal blanket is made up of two thicknesses, a translucent outer surface and an opaque inner surface. Some tests carried out in collaboration with universities show that the more translucent the bubble blanket, the more solar energy can penetrate the pool water.

Advantages of the black thermal blanket

  • It considerably increases the temperature of the pool thanks to solar energy.
  • Reduces the formation of algae in the pool
  • Prevents evaporation of water up to 98% more.
  • Reduces the use of chemicals by up to 30%
  • Reduces energy consumption by more than 50%
  • Reduces the accumulation of impurities.
  • Save money.
  • Features of the black solar cover
  • Material: Polyethylene with anti UV treatment
  • Weight: 460 gr / m2
  • Color: Translucent black.
  • Thickness 500 microns.
  • Number of bubbles 5,751 per m2
  • Bubble diameter 12 mm.
  • Bubble height: 4.9 mm

Reasons to cover a pool

Private pools
In any swimming pool, whether for private, collective or public use, it is advisable not to leave the glass empty for long periods of time, since pathologies such as cracks in the walls in painted pools, lifting of the glass by pushing the ground when it is becomes saturated with water, tile pieces fall due to emptying of the joints, etc.
Starting from this premise, that the glass is kept full all year round, a series of reasons are listed for why it is interesting to install a thermal blanket or solar cover in any type of swimming pool:


In swimming pools for private use, the use of a ter blanket is justified for the following reasons:

  • Avoid the evaporation of water during the hours when the pool is not used, it must be taken into account that in summer there is also nighttime evaporation.
  • It keeps the pool cleaner, especially in pools surrounded by fields and vegetation, where air can rise at night.
  • Less use of the cleaner with less dirt collected
  • During the night the heat that the water has taken during the day due to the action of the sun is maintained
  • The use of maintenance products is reduced by between 35-60% as they do not evaporate.
  • In heated swimming pools, heat losses are avoided with the consequent energy savings
  • In unheated pools, the water temperature can be increased between 6-12º using a solar cover.

The price is per m2 for pools over 18m2. REQUEST A BUDGET WITHOUT COMMITMENT


Product Note Price
Lateral reinforcement to solar cover Lateral reinforcement to solar cover
Add Lateral reinforcement to solar cover 3.90 € / m *
Mobile furling (75mm Ø) 4 to 5.5m Mobile furling (75mm Ø) 4 to 5.5m
Facilitate its use with a winder 169.00 € *
Mobile furling 100mm Ø from 4 to 7,25 m Mobile furling 100mm Ø from 4 to 7,25 m
Facilitate its use with a winder From 249.00 € *

Price includes VAT and delivery to Spain

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